Outlaws, potholes and each way was uphill. I gave up.

Isn’t it funny that we look for all the reasons we do some things and not others and look for answers everywhere but ourselves?

We have been conditioned since birth not to give up. And that is part of the problem. If you were driving on a road filled with outlaws and pot holes, and each way was uphill – most of us would choose a different road. No one would say you gave up. They would say: “Wow”, good thing you changed direction.

But, use the same logic when analyzing your current job (or satisfaction level) and from the depths of hell you hear the record playing all the reasons not to give up. Even your family and friends know the words and sometimes sing along too… it is karaoke in its worst form.

And so, after thinking about the past 30 days and our vastly improved quality of life, it was good timing that I found these golden nuggets from: http://www.clay-collins.com/blog/about-clay-collins-my-story/.

“So often, our greatest gift lies not in what we can do, but what we simply, for the life of us, cannot do.”

“The only thing holding you down, holding you back, is your inability to give up on anything that’s not 100% you. And the only thing that can set you free is your uncompromising refusal to do anything that’s not in 100% alignment with who you really are.”

“Things turned around for me when I gave up on doing everything that (1) I couldn’t not do, and (2) didn’t give me illegal amounts of happiness . . .”

If I had to stop today (not going to) and rejoin similar, previous pursuits (not going to), I would be grateful for what I have learned in these few weeks… especially learning how to give up.


One Response to “Outlaws, potholes and each way was uphill. I gave up.”

  1. Give ear
    Give forth
    Give back
    Give in
    Give chase
    Give rise to
    Give thanks.

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